Specialist in International Business Law
Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law
at the ICC International Court of Arbitration
Member of the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice
ICC Certified Incoterms® 2020 Trainer


I am regularly mandated to draft, review and negotiate international commercial contracts . For my clients, these are strategically important business relationships with high potential and risks.

Furthermore, I support companies in the standardization of contracts and general terms and conditions.


I was born in Romania in 1976 and came to Germany in 1987. Independence and entrepreneurial freedom are important to me, that's why I'm an entrepreneur and a lawyer. And because I am convinced that we have to make the world a better place, e.g. through innovation, cooperation and free and fair world trade. I advise and support companies and individuals who share these views and values.

Past and future

Before being admitted to the bar, I worked for the German Foreign Office in Thailand and Croatia and for Tilleke & Gibbins, one of the leading law firms in Asia. Subsequently, I represented companies as a lawyer in the field of contract law and litigation at several commercial law firms (Beiten Burkhardt, Hoffmann Liebs, ADKL).

In 2015, I founded INN.LAW® - Innovative Lawyers, a consulting boutique for international business law.

In 2021, I also launched "Contract Champions", a community for (prospective) contract experts. I am convinced that the exchange of ideas, concepts and knowledge will play a decisive role in the future - also and especially among lawyers.

Together with other international experts, I am responsible for the Commission for the Standardization of International Contracts at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris. Furthermore, I am an ICC-certified Incoterms® 2020 trainer.

Furthermore, I am an arbitrator at the ICC International Court of Arbitration, at the German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) and at the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Since 2009, I have been holding approx. 30 - 40 seminars on contract law topics every year as a speaker. So far, more than 1,000 participants have attended my seminars and benefited from their acquired knowledge in practice. For more information, please visit INN.LAW Academy. I have also authored several publications on contract law topics (see Publications).

From October 2021 to August 2023, I was a member of the Supervisory Board of FXFlat Bank AG (now FXFlat Bank GmbH).

Added value

"Finally, a lawyer who can explain complicated issues in simple language so I can make the best decisions for my company."
- CEO of a listed company in Germany

"We work with a few law firms. But only with Mr. Poleacov do I really feel comfortable."
- Shareholder-Managing Director of a family business (mechanical engineering) in Germany

"A unique blend of lawyer and businessman."
- CEO of a telecom company from India.

"Peter is not only a great attorney - I would rather see that as a prerequisite anyway - but he has a brilliantly emphatic mind. He understands all kinds of situations in a blink of an eye. So he detected business opportunities for me as a client that I hadn`t seen for myself so far. He truly can be called an entrepreneurial thinker, who does not only detect threatening obstacles but right away offers strategies to solve ones problems. Combining the rare abilities of being able to analyze situations from an eagle`s perspective and of drilling down to the discretest details he clearly offers more than just legal advice. A more suitable designation would simply be strategist."
- Prof. Dr. Leif Erik Wollenweber (Management Consultant)

Industry knowledge

  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive
  • Chemical industry
  • International trade
  • Manufacturing industry

Speaker activity

  • INN.LAW Academy
  • ICC Germany e.V.
  • BeckAkademie
  • IHK Düsseldorf
  • IHK-Exportakademie GmbH
  • IHK Middle Lower Rhine
  • Reguvis Fachmedien GmbH
  • Publishing House Dr. Otto Schmidt


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  • "Supply chain due diligence law - An overview for practitioners", Springer Verlag 2022.
  • "Contractual implementation of compliance requirements in the supply chain", comply - trade magazine for compliance officers 1/2022
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  • "Incoterms 2020," FOREIGN TRADE 4/2019
  • "Industry 4.0 - Can machines conclude contracts?", interview in the magazine of the Chamber of Commerce Middle Lower Rhine, September 2018
  • Infobrief "AGB-Recht" (monthly publication of Deutscher AnwaltVerlag), 2013
  • Collaboration on "Using Anti-Dumping for Business Advantage," ACC Docket June 2005
  • "Thailand: Commercial Developments, 2004 in Review," Tilleke & Gibbins 2005


  • Business Development
  • Technology & IT
  • Legal Design
  • Legal Tech

Working languages

  • English
  • Romanian