9% more sales.

According to a recent study by World Commerce & Contracting, companies lose on average up to 9% of their revenue if they have no or no functioning contract management.

Future-oriented entrepreneurs benefit from data-based decisions and artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of expertise and technical tools (legal tech) enables lean business processes as well as fast and legally secure contract conclusions.

We support you in the selection and implementation of state-of-the-art software solutions in the areas of contract automation, contract analysis and contract management. This reduces your costs and risks by automating contracts at any time and virtually anywhere.

In addition, you can promote the conclusion of contracts through legal design. The higher readability and user-friendly presentation increases the acceptance of your contracts by your contractual partners and supports your corporate identity.

Let's talk about the benefits for your business.

Practical examples

Contract Automation

The automated creation of contracts has many advantages. The user can immediately create a legally compliant contract without having to deal with contract law issues. This saves time, money and avoids errors. In addition, the company's specifications (compliance) are adhered to.

Contract Automation is based on standardized contract clauses and a contract logic, which (alternative) clauses are used when and in which form (IF, THEN and ELSE statements). We support you with our technical and contract law expertise both in the standardization of contract clauses and in the creation of the required contract logic.

Digital contract manual

A contract manual provides a clear representation of an organization's standardized, pre-approved contract terms against which each new contract can be compared.

A digital contract manual goes even further by enabling automation of the contract review process. With a digital contract manual, companies can compare new contracts against industry and internal standards and receive a fully edited and annotated version within minutes.

Digital contract manuals create consistency across all contract negotiations, saving time and money while mitigating risk.

Smart Contracts

Self-executing contracts (smart contracts) link classic contracts with the Internet of Things. They digitally map contractual primary and secondary obligations and automatically trigger certain legal consequences provided for in the contract.

We cooperate with CryptoLions, a company specialized in blockchain, which has excellent expertise and a large international network of experts. This enables us to successfully implement even technically complex projects.