Time for modern legal advice.

The global economy has become more dynamic and complex. The economic, political and legal framework conditions are challenging. No company can afford any longer not to develop further. This applies to business models, markets, products, services, technology and employees.

Doesn't legal advice have to keep pace with this development? Don't lawyers have to contribute to the company's success and be measured against it? Don't contracts have to be concluded more quickly and more easily? Doesn't copy & paste have to be replaced by expertise? Doesn't communication have to become more effective and billing more transparent?

It is time for modern legal advice.

Legal advice that is measured less by input (billable hours) and more by results (client success). Legal advice that is state-of-the-art, both professionally and technically. Legal advice that combines classic values with the latest working methods. Legal advice that actually focuses on the client (and not just in marketing).

More plain language.

We specialize in national and international Commercial Contracts as well as General Terms and Conditions (GTC). We support you both in standardizing your contracts in purchasing and sales (including contract management and in-house training) and in drafting, reviewing and negotiating strategically important contracts.

Our clients include well-known medium-sized companies, among them several (international) market and technology leaders, international corporations as well as public companies.

Our clients appreciate our fast, straightforward and pragmatic legal advice as well as our approach to better business and long-term business relationships.

More transparency. More value.

Our remuneration is based on the added value we create for your company. Therefore, we always invoice our services according to a previously agreed fixed price. This gives you full transparency and budget security. In exceptional cases, we can also offer you hourly rate-based or success-based remuneration if you wish. In judicial matters, however, our fees may not be lower than the statutory fee according to the German Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG).

More business. More trust.

"As a family-owned company with tradition, we strive for a cooperative and long-term relationship with all our business partners, characterized by fairness, trust and reliability. We are pleased with the professional support of attorney Peter Poleacov (INN.LAW) in adapting contractual arrangements that reflect our corporate culture."
- Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG

"The Crespel & Deiters Group is one of the leading manufacturers of wheat starches and wheat proteins in Europe. We strive for high quality, sustainability, customer orientation and reliability. INN.LAW supports us with its expertise in contract law in the successful implementation of these goals. In addition to their technical expertise, we particularly appreciate INN.LAW's pragmatic and solution-oriented approach."
- Crespel & Deiters Group

"STRATEC is one of the world's leading providers of automation solutions for in-vitro diagnostics and life science. We have consistently extended our business model and aligned it ever more closely to the needs of our partners. INN.LAW supports us in the implementation of our global strategy. We value the business-friendly, pragmatic approach, the expertise in international business law, and the focus on fostering business relationships with our clients."

"Peter's legal expertise and input were invaluable for our international trading platform of digital assets. His deep understanding of the technical aspects and the complexities of international business law was evident in crafting our platform's Terms of Use. Peter delivered clear, legally sound terms adeptly tailored to meet the needs of a diverse, global audience. This work enhanced our platform's usability and reinforced its international credibility. We highly value Peter's contribution and look forward to future collaborations."
- CryptoLions GmbH

"We have successfully completed several international, strategically relevant projects with the support of INN.LAW. The combination of expertise in international business law, clear communication and fast, pragmatic implementation is unique and continues to inspire us."
- abcr GmbH

"With Mr. Peter Poleacov at our side, we feel safe and well advised. Thanks to his first-class expertise, we are able to conclude professional contracts worldwide that are both legally compliant and business-oriented. A benefit for our company."
- Mahltechnik Görgens GmbH

"We work with several law firms. But I only really feel comfortable with Mr. Poleacov."
- Shareholder-managing director of a family business (mechanical engineering) in Germany

"Finally a lawyer who can explain complicated issues in simple language so that I can make the best decisions for my company."
- CEO of a listed company in Germany

"Well, I have to say that your lawyer is certainly much quicker than ours!"
- Contractual partner of our client (group in the USA)

"I have been working in the automotive industry for 30 years. I have never seen such clear statements and recommendations from a lawyer as I have from you."
- restructuring consultant for a medium-sized automotive supplier in Germany

Less, but better.

We are a highly specialized boutique law firm. Speed, expertise and pragmatic solutions are our focus. Our portfolio includes:

  • Review, drafting and standardization of contracts
    • Letter of Intent (LoI), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), preliminary agreements
    • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
    • General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale (GTC) for National and International Business
    • Framework contracts for purchasing, sales, etc.
    • Sales contracts and contracts for work and materials, in particular on the basis of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
    • Service contracts incl. managing director service contracts
    • License agreements (PaaS, SaaS, IP, etc.)
    • Research and development (R&D) contracts
    • Distribution agreements (commercial agents, distributors, etc.)
  • Supporting the company management as well as the specialist departments (legal, sales, purchasing, technology, etc.) in matters of contract law
  • Systematic liability reduction
  • Support during important contract negotiations
  • Contract management more information
  • In-house training more information
  • Compliance in the supply chain, including the new Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (LkSG)
  • Conducting litigation as well as arbitration proceedings (ICC, DIS etc.) as party representative or arbitrator
  • Support in the purchase and sale of companies (M&A), also internationally with selected partners from our network

More expertise. More knowledge.

Tactical legal advice

  • Supply contract medical protective equipment (approx. EUR 280 million)
  • Development and supply contract medical devices (approx. EUR 267 million)
  • Transport and logistics contract (EUR 75 million)
  • Machinery supply contract (EUR 55 million)
  • Medical devices supply contract (approx. EUR 50 million)
  • Real estate purchase agreement (EUR 30 million)
  • Lease agreement for industrial land (EUR 25 million; term 20 years)
  • Real estate purchase agreement (EUR 7 million)
  • Letter of Intent Cooperation (EUR 3 million)
  • General contractor contract (EUR 1.7 million)
  • General Terms and Conditions of Purchase (national and international)
  • General Terms and Conditions of Sale (national and international)
  • Standardization of important economic contracts
  • Enforcement of price increases in the automotive
  • Legal optimization of business processes (purchasing and sales)
  • Distribution agreements (incl. set-up of distribution systems)
  • Defense against receivables from product deliveries
  • Cooperation and R&D contracts
  • Joint venture contracts
  • Executive service agreements

International Business Law

  • Advising the German subsidiaries of well-known American, French and Spanish corporations
  • Defense of warranty claims of an international automotive group
  • Enforcement of claims against a vehicle manufacturer
  • Plant and machinery contracts
  • License agreements
  • M&A - Share and Asset Deals
  • Distribution agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

Company law

  • Conversion GmbH (EUR 50 million)
  • M&A - Share Deal (EUR 15 million)
  • Cash pool agreement (EUR 15 million)
  • GmbH Capital increase (EUR 9 million)
  • M&A - asset deal (EUR 1 million)
  • Cross-border merger (Switzerland, France and Germany)
  • Company formations
  • Shareholder disputes

Legal proceedings / arbitration

  • M&A - asset deal (EUR 1 million)
  • Enforcement of claims arising from an international plant construction contract (EUR 1 million)
  • Enforcement of warranty claims arising from an M&A - share deal
  • Enforcement of claims for damages due to breach of confidentiality obligations
  • Defense against warranty claims
  • Enforcement of warranty claims


  • EOS Block Producer
    INN.LAW advises CryptoLions GmbH on the legal structure of its business activities in Europe.
  • Cryptocurrencies
    INN.LAW advises Paytomat, a service provider for payments with cryptocurrencies, on the successful implementation of its business strategy.
  • Legal support for digitization